RIDE – Grasshopper

RIDE – Grasshopper EP (1992)

Alongside My Bloody Valentine, RIDE were the quintessential band of the shoegaze era.  They might have lost their way a little bit toward to the end – though I still demand someone explain to me how Carnival of Light does not kick ass – they never lost their ability to create massive walls of sound.  Layer upon layer of guitars and effects.  Their apex was the epic Leave Them All Behind - 8 minutes + of, basically, feedback. Their real masterpiece, Grasshopper, has collected dust for years on a little known Japanese EP of the same name.  This instrumental track clocks in at nearly 11 minutes and is replete with, one would presume given its Japan-only release, thousands of screaming Japanese chicks in the background.  Perfection…



The Smoking Cupcake, October 2011 (repost)

4 responses to “RIDE – Grasshopper

  1. Excellent song, and good money’s worth if you find it on one of those internet jukeboxes (look for the expanded version of “Nowhere”) in a bar or such. But this wasn’t the only release of the song — it was a b-side to “Twisterella” in the UK, and the b-sides from that single and “Leave Them All Behind” were compiled for this Japanese CD.

    • Congratulations Blaine, keep up the good work. The pictures are beuiauftl. You sure have a eye for colour and content. I love the black crow , Walter loves the black geese . Have we a theme going here?! The statuary pictures are wonderful. I’ll keep looking for updates. Who knows, someday we will be invited to the opening of your gallery!Love from us both.

    • Kate Streetother suggestions: you metneonid night lights, we have those. Don’t know if it makes it better but the boys like them.* tell your boy that his stuffed animals put a force-field around him that makes him safe.* give him a dream catcher, crystal, something special to put under his pillow and tell him it protects him. We’ve done all of these, but the flower essences were the fastest and most effective (I want to say it’s Minimulus or something like that. Whole Foods will have it).

  2. It was in fact the B side of ‘Leave Them All Behind’ and is on the expanded reissue of Going Blank Again :)

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