Every once in a while The Cupcake writes about something more substantive than records, books, frozen pizzas or obscure airline disasters…when that happens, you can find it here.


Tiger, Andre, Yin & Yang

2 responses to “Features

  1. Personally, I like the looks of the open shelf bookcase betetr. At first glance, I thought the Overstock one was the more expensive one. It is really a toss up. If money isn’t a concern, spend a little extra for the betetr quality one.

  2. This morning I had a what was caelld an authentic liege wafel and it was fantastic. In devouring it’s deliciousness I thought of the cupcakezoo.com and this contest. How about a liege style waffle for the cake and then a berry and fresh whipped butter cream frosting. To top it off, something akin to a breakfast meat accent. Maple sugary and like a syrup. In eating the waffle, I felt I was missing a maple flavored piece of bacon, or something similar. Perhaps a maple drizzle of some sort over the top to complete the Liege-Judsen Cupcake. WIN!!!

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